You may not have a closet like one you'd find in a movie star's mansion, but there are some luxurious touches you can add in order to make getting dressed in the morning a more enjoyable process.

Clear plastic sweater boxes
Keeps dust off fine sweaters and folded shirts; easy to see contents, great for upper shelves in your closet. Also make fantastic bins for lingerie.

Closet Steamer Valet
Rid your clothes of wrinkles right at the closet; no need to touch up your clothes in the laundry room. Also great for freshening up a garment.

Variety of hangers
From wood, plastic and velvet, choosing the right hanger will allow your clothes to hang properly. Remember: the slinkier the fabric the more grip (think rubber or velvet) your hanger needs. Larger-sized men's suit jackets needs a larger-ended hanger to keep the shoulders supported while hanging.


Shoe Box
Keep your good shoes tidy and protected by storing them in individual shoe boxes. Stack directly above the outfit that they match and you are all set to get dressed in a hurry.

Suit Valet
Considered something your grandfather might have used, a wooden suit valet is invaluable in keeping him organized and his clothing tidy.

Updating your existing closet's decor

Closet Doors
Changing swing or slider-style doors is not a difficult project and can help update the look of your closet. If you have sliding doors, then consider upgrading to a mirrored door, frosted glass or stylish wood veneers. If you have traditional swing doors, consider switching them to glass or mirrored panels, or a new stylish louvered door. Painting your existing closet door (inside and out) a fashionable colour like red, orange or dark grey will help add personality to the closet area.

Paint or wallpaper the interior
Once you have everything out of the closet, give it a fresh coat of paint or a layer of wallpaper to help update the look. Choose a fun colour (like Tiffany blue or bright orange); it will offer a real surprise of colour each time you open the closet door. Its also a great idea to add an interior light and perhaps a small closet safe (like in hotel rooms) to keep valuables all in one place.

Match new shelving
If installing new laminate or wood shelving, match it's colour to the furnishings within the room; most shelving comes in a variety of light-to-dark tones that can easily be matched to your dresser, bed or night tables. This idea will unite and co-ordinate the entire bedroom/dressing area.

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