The Alberta government wants to move children with special needs back into the main classroom to learn alongside other students.

Education Minister Dave Hancock says schools should emphasize what children can do rather than focus on their limitations.

He also says it’s time to stop spending education dollars on individual students and start directing money to classrooms.

The government’s decision comes after 1-1/2 years of public consultations and a special committee report.

But at least one MLA says that putting special needs students in regular classrooms will put more of a burden on teachers.

Rob Anderson of the Wildrose Alliance says charter schools are integrating special needs students into social and extracurricular programs instead.

There are about 67,000 students in the province with learning needs. The government spends roughly $270 million a year on special education.

It’s not clear how reintegrating all students into one classroom would be funded. The government says establishing a financing model is the next step.