As the weather gets nicer, there’s nothing better than expanding your living space outdoors. And luckily, it’s easy and affordable to create a comfortable and chic outdoor room. Use these quick tips to transform your space.


Simply putting furniture on a deck or patio doesn’t create an inviting outdoor living area — instead, be sure to look at the bigger picture.


As you would an interior room, incorporate a theme and colour scheme into your new design.
Arrange the furniture so that it is inviting for you and your guests to socialize.


And, no need to buy new furniture to make your outdoor space look new. Instead, apply a fresh coat of stain or spray paint to your existing wood or metal furniture for a stylish and updated look.

Manufacturers such as Krylon offer spray products, such as its exterior semi-transparent spray stain and Outdoor Spaces spray paint to make it quick and easy to makeover your patio. Both are available in the latest colours, and best of all, they dry quickly, and provide superior protection against the outdoor elements.

Once your furniture is finished, add accessories. Layer colour and textures to give the space a pulled-together appearance; incorporate colourful placemats and an interesting centrepiece on your table to set it apart.

Place coordinating water-resistant pillows on seating to bring the comfort of indoor living outside.And don’t forget about under your feet; by adding an outdoor area rug or mat, you’ll have a cohesive and stylish space.

One of the greatest parts of an outdoor living area is being able to include natural elements. Just like the indoors, nothing cheers up a room like strategically placed fresh flowers.
To keep your space functional and clutter-free, look for pots and planters that work with the overall layout of your space.

If you have a balcony or long railing, try using flower boxes that can affix to them. Or, if you have the space for oversized pots and unique stands, simply place a few flowers in key spots to create a space that will make your neighbours green with envy.

In addition to flowers, fresh herbs can be a fragrant, beautiful and useful addition to your patio — especially if you enjoy cooking. They are extremely easy to grow and care for, so add a few decorative herb pots to spice up the look of your patio — and your summer dishes.

Next, get cozy in your outdoor space by adding an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit to your patio.
Or, if you love to lounge, install a hammock to enjoy those lazy summer days.

Finally, don’t forget about lighting. Stringing lights or lighting candles can make your patio seem magical at night and help create a great atmosphere when entertaining.