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Putting your best Facebook forward

Should work be all about face time with the boss, or is theoccasional Facebook chat with a friend OK? We polled 413 MetropolitanPanellists from across Canada on their views on social media in theworkplace. This is what they told us.

Should work be all about face time with the boss, or is the occasional Facebook chat with a friend OK?
We polled 413 Metropolitan Panellists from across Canada on their views on social media in the workplace. This is what they told us:

Do you use
social media for
personal reasons at work?

14%: Yes, I provide regular updates throughout the day

41%: Sometimes, but only
on my breaks

45%: No, work time
is for working

Are you Facebook
friends with your boss?

17%: Yes

83%: No

You told us (via Twitter):

  • @EastCoastKnits “No way. Facebook is for private life. Work is work.”

  • @88Styles “If I am Facebook friends with my boss I make sure to keep them on a limited profile. My personal life isn’t their business.”

  • @katbow “It’s okay to friend the boss on FB. That way, there’s no surprises when you get sloppy at the company Christmas party.”

  • @Altillopinionated! “I was and the removal resulted in backlash that I will be forever haunted by.”

The pictures on
your profile are:

95%: Tame and wouldn’t
embarrass my

5%: Uncensored party
shots I wouldn’t want my boss to see

Number of respondents who said they had to be “sneaky” when
using social media at work:

You sent us your tips (via Twitter):

  • @ChrisDca “Certain web browser plug-ins can make it possible to update your Facebook status and tweet from the address bar. Sneaky.”

  • @Brittanymaria “Check Facebook on your phone when you use the bathroom.”

  • @Gramiq “take responsibility for running your company’s social media accounts. Suddenly you’re paid for it!”

  • @tamara1479 “my tip for social media is not to sneak at all. Tell the boss studies show it increases productivity!”

Have you been
reprimanded for using
a social network at work?

1%: Yes, big time

8%: Somewhat, but nothing harsh

46%: No, it’s not an issue where I work

45%: I don’t use
social media
at work

And, you said: @DefiantHeather “I have multi-screen-itis and have been called on it. I prefer to be judged on
production, not perception! #multislack

When should
online posts be
grounds for dismissal?*
(*Panellists could choose more than one answer)

48%: When they’re
and negative

69%: When they break
a pre-existing
company policy

16%: Never, my online
life is my business

  • Back in April, Glee extra Nicole Crowther was fired for tweeting a rumoured spoiler, prompting show producer Blad Falchuk to tweet: “hope you’re qualified to do something besides work in entertainment.”

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