Ex-lead singer of the mythical rock band Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, is having fun going solo with his new group, Band of Joy, revisiting blues and country standards. Metro met the living legend in London.

Should we bow to a man who’s recently been appointed Commander of the British Empire?
No, it’s not an aristocratic title. It’s just a way for the establishment to show its respect to those who have been hanging around for a while. My parents would have been touched if they were still alive. But for me, it’s quite funny. I would have preferred free admission to every football club in the country for a year!

Band of Joy was a band you were playing with before Led Zeppelin, together with late John Bonham. Is it a way of paying him a tribute?
You know, I often think of him. I still miss him a lot ... Three weeks ago, I had lunch with his family, and that was comforting for all of us. I think that Bonzo and I shared the same spirit. And our ambitions for Led Zep were big. We didn’t care about anything because we never knew success. Nothing has been as big as Led Zep was during its existence. Nothing since then either, though.

Why didn’t you play Led Zep songs, then, except one?
To me, most of those songs are monuments of beauty. I can’t write songs that good. I know the musicians pretty well, and we could try to write something approaching that quality. But it would take time to get something as good as the Led Zep songs.

Do you still need to go on a journey in the desert to get inspired?
Oh yeah! I’m going back to Morocco pretty soon. I’ll have my eyes and my ears wide open, and I’ll take a recorder to capture the sounds of the streets, like the fishermen in Essaouira who sell their catch in the market. I speak a little Arabic now. If I’m lucky I’ll get to go to Morocco two times a year. I’m happy that things continue to move on in my life. And travelling is quite a good dynamic for my wellbeing.

There is a rumour on the web saying you would be okay for a reformation of Led Zeppelin ...
You’d be better off reading Playboy. There’s more substance in this magazine than all those sites on the web!