Famoso Neopolitan Pizzeria
2303 Fourth St. SW, Calgary, (403) 455-3839

Rating: ****
Dinner for two with drinks: $48
Signature Dish: Vittoria
Signature Drink: Vodka Italian soda

Famoso, a successful chain from Edmonton, brings its Neopolitan pizza stylings to the main strip in southwest Mission.

Following strict “true Neopolitan” rules, Famoso stretches every piece of dough by hand, and uses imported low-gluten flour and whole-milk mozzarella. Pizzas cook in an Italian fire oven at 482C for only 90 seconds.

The high standards come through. A sweet Campania tomato sauce with basil grounds the Siciliana ($14.50) on a hot, thin crust that stays firm and chewy under Italian sausage, Italian ham, and baked prosciutto.

We also get a “white” pizza with a base of extra virgin olive oil, garlic and oregano. The Primavera ($14.50) is refreshing with smoked mozza, roasted red pepper, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, olives and caramelized onions.

But to get to the delicious thin-crust, you must wrap your head around a perplexing set-up: seat yourself, scan the menu, then get up to order at the counter. Servers bring the food, but may or may not take drink and dessert orders. Our bill was brought to the table, but do we pay there or get up again? A little clarity would be appreciated.

Bottles of wine are charged at retail plus $15. Dessert choices abound with decadent tiramisu ($6) or a large selection of gelato (caramel sea salt, please).

Dining out

FATHER’S DAY PANCAKES Treat dad to a buffet brunch for Pop N’ Pancake Sunday at the Calgary Zoo, then wander the grounds. Admission includes with the meal (adults $36.95, child $22.95).

FATHER’S DAY LAMB If Dad is into a meatier meal, take him to Spiro’s (1902 33rd St. S.W.) for lamb on a spit (which they bring out for special occasions), any of the Greek dishes, or a thick-crust pizza.

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