MONTREAL - Pop singer Bernard Lachance, who caught the attention of talk show icon Oprah Winfrey with his one-man-band promotional tactics, has landed a record contract.

Quebec's Isba Music, which handles such artists as Mitsou and Natalie Choquette, will launch his first album on June 30. "Rainfall," the first single from the "While I Remember You" album, will hit airwaves on June 1.

The 32-year-old singer, who hails from Montmagny, Que., has received lots of notice for his particular brand of marketing.

He sells all the tickets for his shows himself, often accosting people on the street. He plays a song from his self-produced CD for them to get them to buy a ticket.

Lachance wears a T-shirt bearing the venue seating plan and marks off the ticket-buyer's spot with an X.

He had no manager, agent or promoter and has rented out theatres with his own money for gigs.

He caught Winfrey's attention when he posted a YouTube clip asking her to his show in Chicago.

She was unable to attend but instead asked him to perform on her TV show earlier this month.