It was an introduction the more than 3,500 Queens of the Stone Age fans had been waiting months to hear.


“Halifax, Queens. Queens, Halifax,” lead singer Josh Homme said after getting on The Cunard Centre stage last night. He was there not only as host, but also as the introducer of his band’s heavy sound.
“Now that we know each other, let’s f—king get loose.”


It didn’t take a lot of convincing for the sold-out crowd to follow Homme’s direction. An undulating crowd soon formed at the front of the stage; hands, bodies, and cell phones crashing through the surf.
The California-based group filled the harbourside building with its riff-filled sound, as they wrapped up a cross-Canada tour to support its latest release, 2007’s Era Vulgaris.


“This is for a Halifax resident who threw us a party last night. Michael Smith,” Homme said before he and the rest of the band played Sick, Sick, Sick.


It was just one of the hits QOTSA — an acronym that sounds more like a government agency than rock band — played loudly. It hit the mark for fans with pounding renditions songs like Misfit Love, Do It Again, and 3’s & 7’s.

“Thank you so much. Are you having a good time?” asked host Homme. “Eat. Drink. Enjoy.”