Business students with ambitions to work in the U.S. might want to consider the Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA, which allows people from both countries to earn an MBA from two elite universities in 18 months.

The partnership between the Toronto-based Queen’s School of Business and the Johnson School of Management at Cornell University in New York is offered via in-person and video-conferencing classes in 20 cities across North America.

Shai Dubey, the director of the program, says the bond students form is invaluable for business careers.

“They get to know each other quite well,” he says.

“A lot of these folks are hiring managers, so when job opportunities come up, where do you go to? You go to the folks you’ve spent the last 18 months with.”

The program mixes several weeks of residency at Queens and Cornell with video classes starting at 9:30 a.m. EST across the continent, meaning an early start for west coast students.

The video lectures are interactive, allowing students to talk to the professors and each other.
Students from Ottawa or Edmonton travelling on business often stop by the New York or Seattle classes while they’re in town, Dubey says, giving them a chance to make live connections.