One of metro’s beaches could be getting smaller as the province moves to repair road damages from last fall’s post-tropical storm Noel.

Community members are concerned that large boulders being used to reinforce Conrads Road running alongside Queensland Beach will shrink the popular summertime spot.
The province yesterday awarded Dexter Construction Co. Ltd. with a $310,000 contract to repair about half of a kilometre stretch of road beginning at Highway 3.

Community Services Minister Judy Streatch, who lives in the area, said yesterday she’s working on making sure the beach isn’t ruined by the reconstruction of the road.


“I’ll follow up with the minister to ensure that the concerns of the public are taken into account. Because the road hasn’t been paved yet, it shouldn’t be an issue,” she said.

Murray Scott, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, said the province’s goal is to make sure the road is adequately restored.

“For us it’s a project to replace the road, not the beach,” Scott said.
He said that after Noel, residents in the area wanted assurance the road would be replaced with a barrier in place to protect it from future storms.

“There will be future storms and we have to be sure that we protect our investment,” he said.

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