Calgary Transit peace officers may have been “set up” after a video of an incident involving an altercation was posted to You Tube, according to an official.

Calgary Transit head of safety Brian Whitelaw confirmed there was an incident involving two peace officers in an altercation with several men early Monday morning at a downtown platform, but believes they may have been targeted.

“We’re trying to determine if we were set up by a group trying to make a video.” Whitelaw said.

While transit officials are reviewing the incident, they said no formal complaints have been filed against the officers as of yet.

The video, which was significantly edited, shows a local hip-hop artist named Cody (The Catch) Tkach smoking what officials believe to be an illegal substance and when approached by the officers, an altercation ensued resulting in the officers using physical force.

Tkach and his brother have both been charged by Transit peace officers for assault and resisting a peace officer.

The Calgary police service said they are not involved with the investigation, although they were called to the initial incident.

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