Merchants on Quinpool Road – but not Spring Garden Road – celebrated Wednesday.

Council approved $2 million to pretty up Quinpool, but decided to delay the rejuvenation of Spring Garden Road until their plan is more fine-tuned.

“I feel exhilarated and I’m very happy for the business members on the street,” said Karla Nicholson, general manager of the Quinpool Road Mainstreet District Association.


“I’m so pleased because our members are embracing this opportunity.”

The entire project is estimated at $6 million, but she’s hoping for federal and provincial funding.

Improvements include: resurfacing the road, sidewalk renovation, burying wires, planting trees, as well as installing bike racks and public art.

“One message that has been abundantly clear in my dealings with all the members on the street is that they’re happy and grateful to see this coming together,” Nicholson said.

“The timing is perfect because we do make a great candidate for (infrastructure) funding.”

If approved, they could tap into federal and provincial funding above the municipal money they received Tuesday night.

But Nicholson said they have enough now to get going on construction. “The goal is August, but we will be ready to go this year,” she said.

Northwest Arm-South End Coun. Sue Uteck said it was about time council showed Quinpool Road a little love.

“I will admit Quinpool Road does not deserve (the little) attention it receives. It is the entrance gateway into Halifax,” she said.

“With the influx of restaurants and the revival of Quinpool, the only thing that hasn’t been revived is HRM’s commitment.”

It will also be more parking-friendly, she said, so commuters and shoppers alike will win.

While thrilled with the $2 million from the HRM, Nicholson said she felt for the merchants on Spring Garden Road.

“I wish it could have gone better for them,” she said. “There is no rivalry at all.”

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