Answer these questions to discover your true concert-going personality! Keep track of which letter corresponds with the best answer in each category and use the chart at the end of the quiz to discover just what kind of concert-goer you are!

1. What are your plans for the week before the show?
a) Throwing myself into walls and random people I pass on the streets to build up stamina.
b) Reviewing a list of questions I have for each member of each band and sleeping outside the festival gates to guarantee a front row spot.
c) Creating a playlist on my iPod of songs by all the bands playing at V-Fest so I am familiar with all of the artists.
d) My friends and I are hosting a week of V-Fest countdown keggers.
e) Don’t know – whatever happens happens.

2. When you arrive at V-Fest, what’s the first thing you're going to do?
a) Make a desperate run for the stage, kicking anyone who gets in my way.
b) Head over to the second stage to watch some up-and-coming bands.
c) Make a B-line for the Beer line.
d) Take a nap at the back of the field.
e) Do some stretches and make sure all clothing is tightly affixed.

3. What do you plan on wearing to V-Fest?
a) Vintage Oxfam Glamour Models T-shirt
b) Low-cut tank top
c) Skater shoes tied tightly
d) Bib
e) The clothes I put on that morning, if I so choose.

4. If you could only bring three items to V-Fest, which three items would you bring?

a) Camera, Sharpie, fake press pass
b) Bottle opener, funnel, ham sandwich
c) Ticket, wallet . . . ticket?
d) Copy of NME Magazine, notepad, liner notes from each band’s independently released first albums
e) Band-aids, Aspirin, deodorant

5. What’s your favourite memory from last year’s V-Fest?

a) I remember getting there, but that’s about it.
b) When the John Levine Band played a little-known B-side.
c) Billy Corgan made eye contact with me for, like, 3.8 seconds!
d) Lying in the medical tent with a concussion and getting free juice.
e) I met these awesome guys from Port Elgin and we hung out all afternoon.

6. If you found $5 at V-Fest what would you do with it?

a) Give it to some kid who really wants to buy a sticker.
b) Try and pay a bouncer to let me backstage.
c) Get another beer and burger combo.
d) Buy a cheap CD from some guy who’s trying to promote his indie band.
e) Use it to stop the blood gushing from my ankle.


7. If you could go back in time and witness one moment in music history, which moment would you choose to witness?

a) The first time Eddie Vedder climbed rigging on the stage and dove into the crowd.
b) Jimmy Hendrix performing “No Woman, No Cry.”
c) I’d want to be part of Beatlemania.
d) I’d like to be a fly on the wall as Leonard Cohen penned “Famous Blue Raincoat.”
e) Once on Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, Jessica Simpson jumped out of a cake. It was a really big cake, and I didn’t see anyone eat any of it. I want to know what happened when the cameras weren’t rolling.

8. Which song title best describes you?
“We Sweat Blood” by Danko Jones
“My Hero” by Foo Fighters
c) “
You Look Like I Need a Drink” by Against Me!
“Born on a Different Cloud” by Oasis
“Lying in the Sun” by Stereophonics

9. When your favourite band is playing, you:
a) Screech really loudly, sing even louder, take pictures and cry.
b) Try to tune out the crowd and analyze the singer’s facial expressions while noting the differences between the live performance and studio version of each song.
c) Jump nonstop, throw myself into people, and sweat profusely.
d) Say cheers and take a swig.
e) Enjoy the ambiance while playing hacky sack.

10. Last night you had a V-fest dream. What happened?
a) Liam Gallagher said he’d buy everyone a hot dog and then relish started pouring from the sky.
Kele Okereke jumped into the crowd, picked me up and carried me on stage. He then improvised an a cappella love song and made me Bloc Party’s publicity manager.
I caught some rays, heard some tunes, made some buds – it was sweet.
Dave Grohl and I were crowd surfing together and then we floated into the sky.
e) The Wombats asked everyone to sing along to a song they hadn’t written yet. I was the only one who knew all the lyrics because I “get” Matthew Murphy and knew what he would write.

Note which symbol you’ve been awarded for each answer. Pay attention to which symbol shows up the most in your answers, and find your personality type below.

QUESTION 1: a) @ b) * c) # d) % e) &
QUESTION 2: a) * b) # c) % d) & e) @
QUESTION 3: a) # b) * c) @ d) % e) &
QUESTION 4: a) * b) % c) & d) # e) @
QUESTION 5: a) % b) # c) * d) @ e) &
QUESTION 6: a) & b) * c) % d) # e) @
QUESTION 7: a) @ b) & c) * d) # e) %
QUESTION 8: a) @ b) * c) % d) # e) &
QUESTION 9: a) * b) # c) @ d) % e) &
QUESTION 10: a) % b) * c) & d) @ e) #

Mosty ***** Answers
Obsessive No. 1 Superfan
You see musicians as gods and will do anything to breathe the same air they do. Your room, including the ceiling, is covered in posters and autographed photos of your favourite stars and you know every detail about their personal lives. Your prized possessions include items such as a hair from the head of Our Lady Peace guitarist Mike Turner, retrieved for you by a roadie on the 1998 Clumsy tour, and a half-full water bottle Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson once drank out of. If you were to get a tattoo, it would be a to-scale replica of Jon Bon Jovi’s face on your back. You would do practically anything to get backstage, and have tried everything from saying you have a terminal illness to posing as a journalist. You will elbow or stomp on anyone who tries to get in front of you at a concert, cherish the moments of perceived eye contact with lead singers, and have contemplated wearing a diaper to shows to avoid giving up your spot when a bathroom break is needed. You spend most of your cash on concert tickets and CDs and have a filing system where you keep articles on your favourite musicians. Your goal at concerts is to get as close to the stage as possible – if you’re going to stand at the back you might as well just buy the CD. Some people may be slightly afraid of you or think you’re insane, but you just really, really love the music!

Mostly ##### Answers

Ultra-hip Underground Indie Master
You have a love for the underdog, the band that hasn’t made it big but is in it for the love of the music. You love true bands that haven’t sold out to radio-friendly conventions and feel a certain sense of self-satisfaction when a band you knew was cool suddenly makes it big. Of course, once they do you watch closely to ensure they don’t sell out, and start w earing their T-shirt to bed instead of to the trendy dive bar you frequent. You skip the big music stores and generally buy imports and used CDs from a local dingy shop run by some guy named Zack, who frequents the same dive bar you do (that’s where all the local bands play). Your place is decorated with before-they-made-it-big concert posters snatched from bathroom stalls and you have trouble conversing with normal humans because they’ve never heard of the band you’re talking about. You value lyrics and raw talent and like to quietly observe a band without making a big fuss. You have a huge CD collection and go to tons of concerts, usually in bar basements giving handstamps instead of tickets. Your goal at concerts is to take the art to a higher level by getting a sense of how the artist feels and discovering new bands you didn’t know existed. Some people may think you’re smug or trying to be different, but you just really, really love the music!

Mostly @@@@@ Answers
Dance Marathon Maniac

Music moves you – literally. Once you hear a beat you can’t control yourself. You believe music is made to make people dance, or at least throw themselves around, and you have no inhibitions about expressing yourself at a show. You can’t understand people who stand there swaying gently, listening to lyrics – all you hear is the beat and the passion the band has for playing and you know they want people to go nuts and move. You love outdoor festivals because it hurts less to fall on grass and you’re guaranteed a big crowd. The crowd usually does more for you than the band, and you generally avoid shows you know will draw a calm or small crowd, no matter how good the act is. You’ve got a mental bragging list of the injuries you’ve received in battle, including your 1997 Silverchair concussion and the scar on your shoulder from when a beer bottle was smashed on your back at a basement bar gig in 2002. You expect to get hurt and have no sympathy for people who huff when you bump into them. You’ve limped home with just one shoe, had your shirt stolen off your back, and landed on your head so many times you can’t remember (more likely just a result of landing on your head so many times). Your goal at concerts is to have a riot and mosh, crowdsurf, slamdance, skank, jump or whatever. Some people may think you’re a violent maniac who doesn’t care about hurting people, but you just really, really love the music!

Mostly %%%%% Answers
Party Animal Slosher

You see music festivals as an excuse to eat, drink and party without hiring a DJ or caterer. You like to team up with friends and have a great day out together, while throwing back festival food and chugging drinks. You enjoy the music anyway, so why not take a break from your local pub and hang with your friends outdoors in a massive group of jovial people? You meet new drinking buddies, have a picnic and get to be part of the greatest show of the summer. Okay, so maybe you didn’t need another hotdog or nine more beers, but it’s the weekend and V-Fest is the best excuse you’ve got to have a party and do none of the planning. You really do love the bands, but see their performances as the soundtrack for a day of fun. You want to enjoy the weekend and use it as a way to get rid of stress – no need to spend the day parched and famished just to get a closer view. Your goal at concerts is to party with friends and take pictures of each other – not the bands. Some people may think you look like a fool as you drunkenly stumble home or when you can’t remember any of the performances, but you just really, really love beer the music!

Mostly &&&&& Answers
Easy-going Socialite
You love festivals because it gives you a chance to watch your favourite bands and meet cool people with similar interests. You aren’t going to waste your time stocking up on paraphernalia or taking hundreds of photos because to you that’s not what festivals are about. You see the bigger picture and want to experience things in a more organic way. You’ll stroll around merchants’ stalls, talk to people who look inviting, eat when you’re hungry and nap when you’re tired. You’re there to hear bands play and don’t understand why you should be uncomfortably crammed against an overexcited stranger just so you can say you were in the sixth row. You enjoy the concert from afar, and watch not only the bands but the fans as well. You find the whole scene interesting and take it all in for what it is. You know your favourite band members are just people and, while you appreciate their talents, you don’t see them as being important or impressive. The breaks between sets give you time to contemplate whether you should bother getting a haircut or catch up on the Jack Kerouac novel you’re reading. You want to go home with a handmade necklace or henna tattoo, not bruises or autographs, Your goal at concerts is to enjoy the music in a relaxing way and meet some people who love the festival vibe as much as you do. Some people may think you’re lame for not jumping into the moshpit or fighting for a front-row view, but you just really, really love the music!