Darkness is an illusion produced by the mind. Your eyes detect a sliver of light shining in the surrounding world, like Alice viewing Wonderland through a keyhole. Radio and microwaves are light with an invisible frequency, just as many sounds resonate too high or low for human ears to detect. If you could see all light, darkness would disappear.


Let's say you can see the whole spectrum. Radio towers become visible like beacons outside normally dark rooms, streaming through solid walls like glass. Cell phones flash through buildings everywhere there are people, beaming and catching conversations encoded in light.

The Milky Way becomes a thin inferno streaking across the sky day and night, each spark a star. Oceans of gas and dust in space absorb most visible light streaming from the galaxy's core, like overcast skies hiding the sun. Radio waves pass through intergalactic dust, revealing light from over a hundred billion stars in a dense strip along the galaxy disk.

The term big bang is often used to describe the massive release of energy around 14 billion years ago, which provided all matter for the universe as we know it. Whether the bang erupted from a tiny point, higher dimensions colliding, or something else, you are made of that energy. So in a way you were present at the big bang.


The best evidence for something banging is heat leftover in microwaves everywhere in the vacuum of space. Evidence for the theory was discovered accidentally. In 1964 two New Jersey scientists couldn't identify the source of static in their radio telescope. They even evicted pigeons and scraped droppings from the dish, while the pesky signal was from the birth of the universe itself. If you could see microwaves, the night sky would glow in every direction from the big bang, like embers from a fire.


Darkness doesn't really exist, even in the widest gaps between galaxies. After all, eyes only detect light while you see with your mind.


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