Bow River rafters will have to dodge a few extra pillars this summer.

A temporary structure with roughly 18 pillars has been placed from shore to shore where the future Peace Bridge will be located and the extra pillars will mean rafters need to be wary, officials say.

“We’re not going to prohibit people from using the waterways but we want them to use common sense and try to avoid the structure just like they would any other structures,” city transportation and infrastructure spokesperson Dave Danchuk said.

Danchuck said signs and other mechanisms will be placed for rafters warning them of the potential dangers.

“We do have booms that will help people move away if they do come into contact. We can’t have them tying rafts together because they can get tangled up and caught.”

Danchuk says it will be largely up to rafters to ensure their safety, adding the city will be working closely with the fire department and bylaw services to ensure the rules are followed.

“We will be out monitoring the water and even though tying your rafts together isn’t illegal, it’s strongly not recommended,” bylaw boss Bill Bruce said.

Rafter Jennifer Donegal said she will assess the situation when it’s warm enough to raft and says she may “just start after the pillars” so she doesn’t need to worry.

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