Four arrested, $615,000 seized

Three drug raids by city police have led to the arrest of four people and the seizure of $615,000 in drugs and cash.

Ottawa Police’s drugs unit wrapped up three investigations Wednesday, charging four people and confiscating $265,000 in cash and seizing drugs valued at $350,400, police reported yesterday.

Investigators searched two single-family homes located in the city’s west end on warrants. They seized marijuana valued at $314,400 and marijuana growing equipment valued at $25,000.


The seizures “concluded a two-month investigation into an active cannabis marijuana laboratory and a location where marijuana was being packaged for sale,” said Staff-Sgt. Pete Gauthier, the officer in charge of the drug section.

“This type of illicit activity will continue to be targeted by the drug section, as it poses a safety risk to all members of the community”.

Three Ottawa residents, a man and two women, were arrested.

Toan Van Nguyen, 40, faces charges of cultivation of cannabis marijuana and theft of hydro. Hanh T. Bui, 36, and Thuy Vu, 37, both face charges of possession of a controlled substance for the purposes of trafficking.

A fourth person was arrested after police searched an east-end apartment on a warrant.

Following a month-long investigation by the drug section and Central West neighbourhood officers, police entered an apartment where they arrested an Ottawa man and seized almost $36,000 worth of drugs and $265,000 in cash.

The drugs included cocaine and crack cocaine valued at $15,000 and marijuana valued at $20,962.

Steven Ward, 43, of Ottawa, faces numerous drug-related charges and possession of proceeds of crime over $5,000.

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