Protesters demand end to occupation of Tibet

robin kuniski/for metro calgary


The message was loud and clear at a pro-Tibetan rally yesterday outside the Chinese Consulate in Calgary. Chinese occupation of Tibet has sparked protests worldwide, prompting some countries to consider boycotting the Summer Games in Beijing.

Scores of protestors flanked the Chinese Consulate in Calgary on 6 Ave. SW by 9 Street yesterday, demanding an end to Tibet’s occupation

Intermittent car horns squelched bleats of support; a bullhorn blared, four police officers stood chatting across the street, and Tibetan flags dotted the sidewalk.

"I’ve been doing this all my whole life and I’ll continue to do it until I die," said Tenzin K, 26, refraining from giving his full last name for fear of reprisals against an extended family he has never met. "Either that or until Tibet is given its freedom."

A historical peaceful protest by Tibetans recently erupted into violence in the Lhasa province, sparked by aggravating actions and gun blasts by the Chinese Army, said Tibetan Community of Alberta president Tashi Phunstok, adding it’s a crucial time to show their solidarity.

"There’s lots of sad things going on right now in Tibet," he said. "Tibetans are helpless against the Chinese regime, anyone who speaks out is being cracked down militarily. They’re searching houses, rounding people up and putting them in prison. Some of them, we don’t know where they ever went."

around the world

  • Several protests have been held around the world in support of Tibet, with hundreds of demonstrators being arrested.

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