It's a smell many in Ramsay wish they didn't have to take a whiff of - the odour emanating from a Lilydale chicken plant that lingered for decades.

Residents have been told that the plant will move, only to be disappointed by constant delays. Now one local artist is hoping what she's creating will finally do the trick. Xstine Cook is using her frustration with the fowl aroma as inspiration.


"The device to root out stink is a piece of art and it's created by the community to acknowledge our dissatisfaction with what's going on," Cook said.

The final result is expected to be a giant chicken. It's a play on the controversial upside down church art piece, The Device to Root out Evil, also in Ramsay. C.A.U.S.E -- Citizens Against Urban Stinky Environments -- will unveil the device as part of an event planned for Friday at a park across from the Lilydale plant.