From left are SpeedSchmooze.com’s Sherry Yuan-Hunter, Anna Scarangella, Ragna Stamm’ler and Erin Hunt.

According to Ragna Stamm’ler and Erin Hunt, co-founders ofSpeedSchmooze.com, a professional networking business offering services such as customized speed schmoozing events, trade show and conference event planning as well as regular business networking events open to the public, in business time is money and it shouldn’t be wasted.

“Instead of spending an hour with one contact that may or may not turn out to be beneficial, you can meet 15 people in the same amount of time, get to the heart of the conversation and quickly determine whether or not it’s worth it to schedule a follow up meeting,” says Hunt, SpeedSchmooze’s vice-president. Hunt’s responsibilities include advertising, art direction and employee and event management for all SpeedSchmooze networking events.

Stamm’ler and Hunt, who met in 1994 while completing a music business program, are also the co-founders of 25dates.com, a speed dating company — the social side of SpeedSchmooze.com targeted to professional singles. The two have had extensive experience working together in planning public relations campaigns, and product and service launches for clients from corporate, private and entertainment industries.

The two founded the company two years ago in order to help save businesses time by increasing their productivity while still maintaining the crucial face-to-face contact they get through networking events.

“There are definitely benefits to the growth of business choices and opportunities due to the complete integration of the Internet into the business world but as our economy increases and these opportunities multiply daily, our time to take advantage of them seems to diminish,” says Stamm’ler, the Speed- Schmooze president.

“Think of it (Speed- Schmooze) as speed dating for business contacts ... a highly efficient way for professionals to build their network of contacts and potential opportunities,” Stamm’ler says.

A typical SpeedSchmooze event consists of a group of people sitting down to five- to 15-minute power meetings. Every five minutes, a bell rings and one participant from each table moves to the next table. At the end, everyone receives a contact directory with all the names and contacts of everyone at the event.

Ricardo Morra, a sales representative who frequents the speed networking scene, says he appreciates that conversations are timed. “It keeps everyone focused and decreases the chances of ‘dead air’ or going off on a tangent. Everyone comes with a go-getter high energy personality.”

. For more information, visit www.speedschmooze.com.

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