Tearful convict thanks judge for 10-year sentence

A teary-eyed rapist thanked a judge for giving him a second chance by sending him to prison for 10 years, and not indefinitely, after he brutally raped two Parkdale prostitutes.



"Thank you for giving me another chance," Wayne Mumford, 31, who is learning-impaired because he suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome, said to Justice Frances Kiteley yesterday. "I promise to work very hard."


His lawyer, Paula Rochman, said Mumford, a native Canadian, has had two strikes against him from birth after his mother drank excessively when she was pregnant, and his father sexually abused him. "He really doesn’t like how he behaves," Rochman said. "He doesn’t like what he’s doing and he wants to be helped."

"You cannot be cured," Kiteley said about Mumford’s deviant sexual drive, but added: "The evidence I have indicates that you may be managed."

Mumford must take programs while in prison, along with drugs to control his urges.


  • Prosecutor Cara Sweeny said that Mumford should be declared a dangerous offender and jailed indefinitely.