City cops have determined despite community concerns that it wasn’t rat poison that killed at least one dog in Inglewood.
But while Staff Sgt. Nancy Farmer of District 1 GIU said no connection has yet been made in the deaths of a least four animals in the area, they still want people to come forward with concerns.
“If anyone is suspicious about their animal being sick or are concerned, please come forward,” Farmer told reporters.
The case started when the Inglewood Community Association went to police reporting at least seven healthy cats and dogs had died in the past five weeks, fearing they were killed deliberately.
“A vet saw the dog and could not pinpoint the cause of death. And unfortunately the other animals were destroyed before a necropsy could be conducted,” she added.
Inglewood residents posted signs in their neighbourhood warning pet owners about the deaths, which farmer said was “due diligence,” but she stopped short of warning pet owners about the unconfirmed poisonings.
Police are asking for concerned pet owners to come forward and call police or Animal Services if they have a sick animal or one that died recently.