The public inquiry into Robert Dziekanski’s death resumes tomorrow with RCMP brass being asked to explain the explosive email that stalled proceedings three months ago.

The four officers who confronted the Polish immigrant have testified that they never uttered a word — not about the Taser or anything else — as they left their detachment to respond to a report of an agitated man throwing furniture.

Yet, as closing arguments were set to begin, federal government lawyer Helen Roberts revealed an internal email from Chief Supt. Dick Bent that appears to contradict that testimony.

Inquiry commissioner Thomas Braidwood then reluctantly put the hearings on hold and scolded the RCMP for failing to disclose the email sooner.

Walter Kosteckyj, the lawyer for Dziekanski’s mother, said the controversial email raised serious questions that won’t be easily explained away.

“When I take a look at how quickly it (the Taser) was used, I have a hard time believing that it wasn’t discussed,” said Kosteckyj.

He added he’ll consider asking the inquiry to call back the four officers if he thinks there are still questions for them to answer.