Perry Richardson was heading towards his mackerel nets with three
other fishermen early Friday morning when they spotted something
unusual floating near their catch.

The fishermen thought there was a life-jacket snarled in their traps,
but soon realized a body was just below the water's surface near
Polly's Cove, N.S.

"It was just sickening," he said, hours after returning to his
home in East Dover, just down the shore from the famed lighthouse at
Peggy's Cove.

"There was not a lot of talking going on except for, 'Oh Lord, it is what we thought it was."'


Richardson said the man had nothing in his pockets but a pair of
sunglasses, and was wearing only shorts, a shirt and a life-jacket. He
had no identification, but appeared to be in his 50s or 60s.

The men pulled the man's body up onto their small boat just
before 6 a.m., and took him into the wharf in Peggy's Cove after
calling 911.

RCMP Const. Dawn Duhart said they were not aware of any missing person who fits the description and there was no boat nearby.

The coast guard was called in to help search for boats or
debris, while police are searching missing person reports and looking
for any vehicles near the area.

Duhart said it appeared he was in the water for less than 24 hours.

Richardson speculated the man may have fallen off a sailboat and that his body was in good condition.

An autopsy was to be conducted Saturday.

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