An RCMP officer was involved in a car crash Friday morning after chasing a speeding driver, police say.

At 9:20 a.m., the Mountie tried to pull over the driver on Highway 102 near exit 5A. The driver passed a semi tractor-trailer and pulled too close in front of the truck, forcing the truck to hit the brakes. The RCMP officer tried to avoid the collision, hit the speeder's car, then rolled over into a ditch. He was taken to the Cobequid Health Centre for observation. RCMP are investigating the crash.

Two men assaulted and robbed a 23-year-old pedestrian near Charles and Agricola streets Saturday night. Suspects are two men in their ‘20s; one was black, six feet tall and wore a black puffy jacket, the other was white, 5‚8” tall, wearing a light-coloured jacket. The victim wasn't seriously hurt.

Police charged two women and a man with robbery and possession of stolen property after an early-evening theft at American Apparel on Queen Street Friday.

Three women walked into the store at 5:45 p.m., stole some clothing, and assaulted a clerk who tried to stop them from leaving, police say. Two of the women got into a car with a man; police stopped the car shortly afterward and arrested all three. They're still looking for the third female suspect.


Investigators say it wasn't the thieves' first stop; clothing stolen from other local stores was in the vehicle when they stopped it.

Halifax Regional Police and RCMP seized what they call a "substantial" amount of drugs, cash and bear spray from a Peruz Court, Bedford home Friday night. Three people have been charged; police are still looking for a fourth.

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