Guns destined for the hands of criminals have been intercepted at a Southern Alberta border crossing, according to RCMP.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced Thursday border officials found 10 semi-automatic handguns hidden in a vehicle returning to Canada at the Coutts crossing in southern Alberta, just 80 km southeast of Lethbridge.

RCMP Sgt. Patrick Webb said while the guns were intercepted at a southern border, authorities haven’t confirmed the intended destination, only that it was in Canada.

But, it is believed their passage into Canada was for illicit reasons.

“These guns were definitely destined to go to criminals. There has been some speculation by some people that they were intended for gangs … but that is total speculation at this point,” Webb said.

And when asked if it was possible the weapons would end up in the hands of gangs, Webb said, “Gangs are criminals, too.”

Authorities also found 11 high-capacity ammunition clips and 300 rounds of ammunition.

CBSA acting director for southern Alberta Bill Axten said authorities did a great job searching for the weapons before finding them in hidden panels.

Adrian Le Mon Barnes, 30, is facing 45 charges in connection with the seizure including possession of firearms and trafficking unauthorized importation of firearms.

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