The federal government, which promised to name a new RCMP commissioner by June, has still not indicated who will take over leadership of the troubled force, or when an announcement will come.

The delay has baffled even those inside the RCMP who expected an announcement by week’s end last week, when interim commissioner Bev Busson formally began vacation.

Yesterday, the prime minister’s office would only repeat an announcement would be made “shortly.”


For now, Busson remains on the books with the title of commissioner, but she named deputy commissioner Pierre-Yves Borduas as acting commissioner during her absence.

Some officers speculated the announcement was put off due to concerns that violence might erupt across the country during last Friday’s day of protest planned by aboriginal groups.

Others spoke of possible pressures on the government to revisit the candidacies of those short-listed by a government search committee.

In the running

  • Pierre-Yves Borduas, responsible for federal and international operations, protective policing, and operations in Ontario, Quebec and the national capital region, is in the running for the top job.