It’s been a long and frustrating 11 years for Turner Valley resident Sam Johnson, but a film crew has renewed his hopes whoever killed his wife and daughter will eventually be caught.

With the help of RCMP, Shaw TV filmed a re-enactment yesterday of the Sept. 3, 1996, murders of Johnson’s then-36-year-old pregnant wife Jane and eight-year-old daughter Cathryn.

“We’re certainly hoping the re-enactment helps. I believe it is a solvable crime and although I have my own beliefs of who did it, I hope this helps us get some answers,” Johnson told Metro.


Jane and Cathryn were killed in the Turner Valley home and the house was set on fire in an attempt to hide the murders.

Autopsies showed the mother and daughter died before the blaze, with Jane suffering fatal stab wounds.

RCMP Sgt. Patrick Webb of the RCMP said the goal of yesterday’s filming is to jog some memories about the unsolved crime and generate some tips.

“I hope people can look into their conscience or their souls and come forward with information that may be valuable to us. We still very much believe this crime can be solved, we just need the help of the public,” Webb said.

An increased reward for information about the killing to $125,000 may also help police efforts the catch the killer, said Webb.