Starting today for three weeks, Suds will present a mini-guide to the LCBO’s Winter Warmer series.


Mort Subite

Distributor B Export

Country Belgium

Price $3.15 (375 ml bottle)

**** 1/2 (out of 5)

Pop! A white mist of CO2 might give you quite the raspberry rush. This is raspberry beer at its best (5% APV). Sweet and slightly tart, it would be an incredible match with cheese, or better yet, cheese cake. Serve cool.


Brewer New Zealand Breweries Ltd.

Country New Zealand

Price $11.45 (six 330-ml bottles)


Excellent sub for Heineken or Stella drinkers. Grassy, bitter aroma and flavour, with little aftertaste. Very crisp and clean (5% APV).


Brewer C.A.S.A. Isenbeck

Country Argentina

Price $9.05 (six 330-ml bottles)

* 1/2

Tastes like dusty concrete. Please monitor while it’s chilling in your freezer so it’s drinkable (4.9% APV).

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