Move over, Facebook.

Whether you’re looking to make an announcement, share an event, connect with contacts, look for resources or for volunteers for your organization, a new website by Carleton University has it covered.

Carleton yesterday launched its community engagement site, meant as a venue “for facilitating relationships of all kinds.”

The site, which features an interactive bulletin board, “is intended to be an open forum ... for the community to engage with the university and other community-based organizations about issues that are important to our community,” said Katherine Graham, senior adviser at the Office of the Provost.

It’s important that the community have access to something like this, said Graham.

“Community organizations can interact with each other. It’s very consistent to our commitment to engage with our community.”

Carleton web developer and the site’s designer, Taylor Smith, said the site is “extremely easy to use — as easy as Facebook.”

Tim Simboli, who represented community organizations, thinks it will catch on. “The city is growing constantly, so to have a way of connecting nearly a million people that live in the region ... you need something like that to make sense of it all,” he said.

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