This is in response to the story about John MacDonald, the laid-off GM worker still waiting for help. He says he’s not happy with the budget because “it completely lacks any kind of provisions that help people who are going to get laid off.”

Sure, there isn’t any miracle solution to it but how about helping yourself.

You’ve worked at GM since you were 18. At 18 I was taking on three part-time jobs at $6.85 per hour to pay for my university.

After five long years of doing so I have a job now that pays $1,000 after taxes, for two weeks, not one. I am the lone provider for a family of three and we have been able to squirrel away enough money that if something did happen to my job I would be able to maintain our household while getting retrained. What did you do with your $1,000 a week?

You’re crying the government isn’t helping you enough. How about helping yourself first?