Are you happier alone … or do you prefer the company of others? Take our quiz to find out how socially adjusted you are — or aren’t.

1. Your current relationship is:
A All-consuming and we are one.
B All-consuming but we have definite boundaries for personal space.
C I’m not in a relationship. Why, are you available, Ted?

2. When you enter a room of crowded people alone, you think:
A OK, who are the hot ones?
B OK, where is the bar?
C OK, I wish my friends were here. I will text one something random.

3. Sex for you is …
A Usually enjoyable, but there’s always a little anxiety involved.
B Like a game and I am the keymaster. Are you the gatekeeper?
C Something they do on the TV set.

4. “I have sound some form of counselling in my life, even if it’s just long talks with friends about my fears.”
A True.
B False.
C This question has made me cry inside, which I know is silly but I can’t stop.

5. My kitchen cabinet has a secret stash of:
A Cookies and ice cream.
B Salty chips and snacks.
C Scotch and weed.

6. The last big fight I had was with ...

A My mother.
A My boyfriend/ girlfriend/husband/wife.
C A friend of mine.

7. When I’m naked, I feel ...
A Inadequate, according to the voice inside my head.
B Sexy, if the lighting’s right.
C Sorry, what? I?was checking myself out.

8. When I’m home alone for extended periods of time, I …
A End up turning on the TV.
B Grab a book and enjoy the quiet.
C Surf the Web while the TV’s on.

9. “I know the perfect married couple who have it all together.”
A True.
B False.
C I think I do, but it can’t be true. There’s gotta be a dark side there.

10. You’re doing this quiz …
A On public transit, in between checking out the person across the way.
B On public transit, avoiding eye contact with every single one of these freaks.
C On the can. Where you’re avoiding someone or something, sitting there just a little too long.

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