Q. Readers were asked “How are you managing in this economic environment?”

• Don’t listen to the media, and the government. They say we must spend our way out of this recession. I totally disagree! I am doing the opposite. I am saving as much as possible, let the next guy spend his money. — Gary, Pickering, Ont.

• This past year, more than 30 per cent was lost from my investment portfolio. I am approaching retirement and it was my nest egg. I would have to work at least five more years to recoup these losses. — Jo, Mississauga, Ont.

• I go to the restaurants, they are busy. I take in a movie, very few seats left. I visit the malls, lots of shoppers with bags in hand. The recession must have missed Toronto. — Mitch, Etobicoke, Ont.

• My husband and I have been out of work for more than two months. We met and worked at the same company more than twelve years. Currently, we are collecting employment insurance but hate it. We want to wor;, unfortunately jobs are scarce in this industry — Chris and Jan, Oshawa, Ont.

• I work for a major credit card company. There are more customers in default compared to the past two years. They must be constantly reminded to make payments or will go into collections. — Ahmad, Scarborough, Ont.

• I signed up on the on-line HST?protest. A 13 per cent tax on goods and services is counter-stimulus fighting. ... Don’t they understand the average family are just making ends meet? — Young, Richmond Hill, Ont.

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