Competing lines of real estate agents waiting to buy new luxury condos turned ugly on Bloor Street yesterday with jabs, shouts, threats and accusations of queue-jumping.

Some of the agents, who lined both sides of Bloor at Bedford Avenue, had been waiting for more than a week to buy units in the X2 development at Jarvis and Charles streets. Others arrived Tuesday night.

By yesterday, there were three lines of potential buyers claiming the right to have first crack at the condos.

Around 8 a.m., a representative for builder Great Gulf Homes threw two of the three warring lineups into a fury by declaring their long waits and place-holding invalid.

Chanting “X2, unfair,” and holding up freshly made signs with the word ‘unfair’ on them, the agents who had waited the longest protested the decision.

Now, some of the brokers that were left in the cold are considering taking legal action against the developer.

Sunny Shang said he was the first to line up on Nov. 15. He was outraged that other people who “just showed up at 11 last night,” were going to get the first chance to buy the units.

“We’re very upset. This is very unfair,” he said. “They knew about our list and ignored it.”