A local realtor was on pace yesterday afternoon to break the record for Grouse Grind climbs in one day.

At press time, Sebastian Albrecht, 35, had completed nine of 14 grind attempts. He was on pace to break his own co-held record of 13 climbs in a single day.

“The beginning was easy, but now it’s starting to get harder,” said Albrecht, as he peeled off a saturated grey T-shirt dripping with sweat and the rain at the top of his seventh climb.

“I’m getting tired, sore, crampy, all those sorts of things. It’s mind over matter at this point.”

Albrecht’s climb is the vertical equivalent of scaling Mount Everest one-and-a-half times in a day.

His goal is to raise $15,000 for the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation.

Last year, he climbed the grind 13 times in a day and raised almost $10,000.

“It was like I was hungover for about a week afterwards.”

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