She’s got the look. But when you see her in action, Rebeccah Wyse doesn’t appear to fit the model mould.

“I am a big person who stamps around at random times and watches the original series of Star Trek all in one go because I’m just that kind of a person,” said the 19-year-old from Cambridge, Ont.

Despite her regular exhibition of quirks and personality while competing on the third cycle of Canada’s Next Top Model, the show’s judges criticized the newly bleached-blonde, Twiggy-cut competitor for not being herself in photo shoot challenges, leading to Wyse being the latest model kicked off the show.

Her struggles started early in last night’s episode, when judge and Fashion Television hostess Jeanne Beker primed the remaining six women to face the media; one required task of being a top model. Then, she took them to a Toronto Fashion Week party to test their interviewing prowess.

While Wyse received generally positive reviews for her performance, she said she lacked confidence when thinking of responses. “The media is kind of terrifying,” she said with a laugh. “I felt that I was always thinking in the back of my mind, ‘Don’t say anything stupid. Don’t say anything stupid. They’re probably going to take it the wrong way’.”

Her anxiety continued through the week’s photo challenge, when she was paired up with fellow contender, Calgary’s Nikita Kiceluk. The women had to pose together with background models, while both showcasing a mobile phone.

The brightest of the bunch was Meaghan DeWarreng-Waller of Winnipeg. She won the challenge, finally separating herself from Heather Delaney of Halifax, to whom she was oft compared by photographers and judges.

It was no surprise to Wyse, however, to be kicked off the show for her performance in the challenge. “I was disappointed in myself for only making it half way,” she said, “but I was also really proud of myself for making it half way.”

– Canada’s Next Top Model airs Tuesday nights on CTV.

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