With the sudden chill, cool gusts and return of wet, grey skies, it’s time to seek comfort from grilled meat, toasted bread and greasy condiments galore. In short, the hamburger has beckoned with its juicy, siren call, and I have answered. Here are some of my top picks for ground round—or chuck, or sirloin—for grey days.

Moderne Burger | 2507 West Broadway | 604-739-0005
For those who crave plain, unadorned flesh, Moderne Burger is your Mecca. Not even a pinch of salt comes between you and your AAA steak—hand-ground on the premises—just lettuce, tomato and a bun. The classic platter comes with enough cut-to-order fries for two people, so one platter and one single burger is more than enough for two healthy eaters. $7-$12 per person, depending on toppings. moderneburger.com

Splitz Grill | 4242 Main St | 604-875-9711
All-beef burgers seem to be pretty popular, but Splitz adds seasoning to their one-third pounders, and offers half- and full-pound options for particularly hungry patrons. Go gourmet with their free-range bison or Salt Spring lamb options and still manage to stay around the $10 mark. For the more adventurous, try the baba ganoush with pancetta over lamb—you won’t regret it. splitzgrill.com

Tomahawk | 1550 Philip Ave, N. Van. | 604-988-2612
It’s been open since 1926, and is still run by the same family with the same menu. Burgers are the staple, although many swear by the pies. Local, organic, free-range beef possibly makes this the most politically correct burger in B.C.—although your doctor may have something to say about toppings like wieners, egg, Yukon bacon, sautéed onions and the secret house sauce.

DB Bistro Moderne | 2551 West Broadway | 604-739-7115
Chef Daniel Boulud became a New York legend thanks in part to his famous DB Burger. A nice tall mound of top sirloin is filled with braised short ribs and a bit of chuck, doused in black truffle, and set on a parmesan bun. For $28, you can enjoy a complete roast-beef dinner with every bite. dbbistro.ca

Diva at the Met | 645 Howe St | 604-602-7788
One doesn’t normally equate high-end hotel dining and great burgers, but that’s because you haven’t tried the DC burger at Diva. Braised short ribs, seared foie gras, wild mushroom ragout and truffle aioli make for one heady—and cholesterol-blowing—experience, but it’s so worth every penny of the $36 you will gladly pay for this brunch item. I personally think the “DC” is short for Da Capo—as in, play it again and again, Sam. metropolitan.com/diva

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