Dozens of residents of the Millrise condo complex may be able to move back into their homes as early as Thanksgiving.

Millrise residents lost everything in a March fire and condo board president Cameron Wallace said the $12-million building restructuring has been divided into two parts — where 79 water-damaged units can be renovated this year and 80 fire-damaged units rebuilt within nine months of their start date, as soon as the city releases permits in up to six weeks.

“I think people understand we’re trying to do the right thing for everyone and we are trying to get everyone back as efficiently as we can,” Wallace said.

Resident Patrick McDermott said he falls under the fire category and is happy with the decision, but apprehensive about the value of the building with the water-damaged units not being rebuilt.

“I know some people are worried how it will affect their property value,” he said.

But Wallace said homeowners would have had to pay a deductible of $28,000 each to cover the $8-million difference if the entire condominium was rebuilt at a cost of $20 million.

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