Recycling bins are fuller than ever in Canada. A report released by Statistics Canada on Friday showed that each Canadian recycled on average 112 kg in 2004, up from 71 kg in 2000. The proportion of household waste diverted to recycling went to 27 per cent in 2004 from 19 per cent in 2000.

Widespread access to recycling has helped to boost those numbers, with programs available to 93 per cent of all households in Canada, and 94 per cent of households in British Columbia.

For Vancouver actress Rosy Frier-Dryden, for example, having recycling bins in her building makes all the difference.


“I lived in Saskatoon from 1997 to 2004 and it was harder to recycle there. You had to take your recyclables to shopping centres and I didn’t have a car,” she said.

Lawyer Robert Palkowski agrees that people are recycling more and that it’s easier than in the past, but thinks there’s still a lot more to be done.

“They should have services to pick up things like batteries and computers. I don’t even know if there’s a facility for recycling those here. If there is, they should advertise it more.”