Despite the griping over Toronto’s new recycling program, the city’s director of collection services says early monitoring results show it’s a success.

The first 100,000 households to receive the bins recycled 10 per cent more between February and May than they did last year, Robert Orpin said yesterday.

“We’re ecstatic. This is what we envisioned with our program.


“We’re attributing it to the fact that we made recycling somewhat easier for people with the bins,” Orpin said, noting residents can now dump all their recycling into one container, with wheels to make it easier to move and a lid to make it neater.

The first homes assessed are in Scarborough, which began getting the new blue bins in December.
The new program, however, isn’t working for a small but growing number of households.

Some 400 homes have been exempted from using the bins, mostly in dense neighbourhoods where it’s hard to store them.

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