They refuse to let us forget our world is at war.

Edmonton will serve as the temporary venue for an International Committee of the Red Cross touring photo exhibit, featuring work from acclaimed global conflict photojournalists.

“The stories they tell are often terrible, but show the determination people have to go on with their lives,” ICRC spokesman Bernard Barrett.

“There’s an undertone of resilience and hope despite all the sadness you see. They’re striking.”

The images are graphic, disturbing, uncensored depictions of brutality, vital to gain understanding that people a world away are still living a waking nightmare, he added.

“It’s important to see that these are people like you and I. We’re talking about human beings, not just statistics.”

The exhibit is made up of 40 images from award-winning war shooters James Nachtwey, Franco Pagetti, Ron Haviv, Antonin Kratochvil and Christopher Morris.

A common misconception on a few countries featured, including Congo, Philipplines and Liberia, is that though fighting has ceased, the wars are over, he said.

“The effects are still on-going and people are faced with them for the rest of their lives and possibly their children’s lives,” Barrett said.

The tour marks the 150th anniversary of the beginnings of the international aid organization and the Canadian Red Cross’ centennial.

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