If only it were this easy to stop bills from being delivered to your home.
One Vancouver woman, concerned about the amount of junk mail that goes straight from mailboxes to the trash, has launched a campaign showing people how easy it is to stop flyers before they get to your door.
Beth Ringdahl’s Red Dot Campaign highlights a little-known policy where Canada Post marks your address with a little red dot letting letter carriers know you don’t want unaddressed mail.
“If you want your offers, then that’s fantastic, keep them, but if you don’t … here’s an easy way to say no,” said Ringdahl.
“All you need to do is make it known to your letter carrier that you’re not interested in unaddressed ad mail,” she said. That request is put in a database.
She said companies use massive amounts of paper on flyers that many people never read.
“It’s so awesome that Canada Post has put all this together. I’m just raising the awareness of this amazing system,” said Ringdahl.
Lillian Au, a Canada Post spokesperson, said the program isn’t advertised because it also halts mail, like municipal notices, that people usually still want.
“Once you say you want to opt out, we can’t be selective,” she said. “It’s all or nothing.”

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