Edmonton’s Honda Indy is promising to be quite a thrill this year with its high-speed drag races and exhilarating pro drivers, but one in particular is hoping to win the crowd.

This year’s Indy, from July 23-25, will feature rookie sensation Indy car driver Simona De Silvestro.

Originally from Switzerland, De Silvestro has been called “the winningest driver in series history,” coming in third place in last year’s Atlantic Championship for Team Stargate Worlds, winning four races, four poles and nine podium finishes in 12 starts.

Her career began in Europe with races in Italy, France, and Switzerland, winning several podium finishes.

She has won races in Utah, New Jersey, Lime Rock, Connecticut and Trois-Rivieres, Que.
De Silvestro brought her passion for racing to the United Sates in 2006. After a streak of successes overseas, she went on to win nine podium finishes during the 2009 Atlantic Championship season.

With all the tours under her belt, De Silvestro has to be in peak physical condition for every race. She must work out five hours each day to stay in peak driving condition to cope with the arduous demands presented by professional driving.

De Silvestro admits the transition between the Atlantic Series racing and Indy racing hasn’t been easy, but says she’s learning quickly, and the other drivers have been giving her a hand to help her ease into the driving.

“I’m learning something new,” she says. “The other drivers have been pretty helpful.”

Even though she shares camaraderie with her fellow drivers, De Silvestro says she’s in it to win.

“Everyone likes winners,” she says.

“That’s what I’m trying to do.”

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