Mick Hucknall, lead singer of Simply Red, said the pop band has become “a prison” for him ahead of its breakup after 25 years together.

“After 25 years, I don’t have any more ideas in my head for the group,” Hucknall told a small group of reporters while on tour to promote his solo album. “The radio ... expects a certain type of sound (from Simply Red). For me it’s a prison, in my head I am a different artist.”

Hucknall said in October 2007 that the group planned to split up in 2009, its 25th anniversary year.
Yesterday, Hucknall said the band would not exist from 2010 and he would do something different with the band’s musicians.

“I want to change, to do something a little more gospel, more aggressive, more physical,”­ he explained.

His solo album, Tribute To Bobby, will be released on May 16. On it Hucknall reworks 12 songs from the 1960s by blues singer Bobby Bland. The disc is accompanied by a DVD featuring Van Morrison, B.B. King and Quincy Jones.

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