A Calgary alderman is disappointed city council did not approve an outright ban recommendation on cosmetic pesticide use in the city.

Ward 11 Ald. Brian Pincott said he was surprised about the turn of events in council yesterday since aldermen previously supported the ban. But council will move ahead with a bylaw to reduce the use of pesticides.

“It’s good for the environment, it’s good for the health and safety of citizens, and it’s proven to be good for business, so why are we not moving forward with it?” a frustrated Pincott said.

“It’s just got me stunned. Absolutely disappointed.”

While council approved moving forward with the bylaw by 13-2, a motion to include a timeline to end pesticide use in Calgary was voted down 8-7.

“There is no goal or target to end use,” Pincott added.

Pest-control expert Don Faulds applauded the decision to not completely terminate pesticide use.

“It was by far the best decision they could have made. It was a very smart thing to do,” Faulds said.

The bylaw is expected to come back to council in December.