EQ3’s “Crush” chaise lounge, starting at $549. See www.eq3.comfor store locations.


Do you have a decent decor, but are seeking a special touch, an extraordinary piece to inject sizzle into your living space? Think no further than the chaise lounge.


This piece of furniture, originally called a “chaise longue” by the French, is a divine luxury. It is an upholstered couch in the shape of a chair, but long enough to support the legs. They can be either contemporary with clean lines, dramatically modern with rounded lines and eye-popping colours, and even the old-fashioned velvet and fringes chaise can work well in the right context.

The design team can vouch that placing this piece of furniture in a living or bedroom or in any suitable place can provide an unexpected surprise, a contrast, a point of interest, an element of warmth and even sexiness.

Tammy and I have always adored those images of Hollywood starlets artfully reclining on the ubiquitous chaise lounge. Why, even the bewitching Cleopatra knew how to lounge in style! The feel of the chaise lounge has always been slightly decadent, and perhaps that association still gives it sex appeal.

Contemporary chaise lounges in tufted padded leather, especially in black and white, can impart a sultry ’50s sensibility.

But we think the chaise is attractive for other reasons as well. The chaise lounge brings to mind the comfortable leisure time of the homeowner, whether it be reading, knitting or cat-napping. In any setting, it can be the perfect vehicle to inject some warmth and personality into the space.

Intense colour in a monotone-coloured space adds interest. For example, a bright orange microfibre oval-shaped chaise lounge will knock ‘em dead. (See the “Lyric” chaise lounge at www.justchaiselounges.comfor inspiration.) Whatever you decide on, just be sure to add touches of the same bright colour or pattern in small accents throughout the room, in pillows, vases or art, to provide coherence. Just stay away from those overstuffed, fussy chaise lounges with small-patterned upholstery. It will look as if Grandma, bless her heart, went on a shopping spree at the fabric store.

Another way to make use of a chaise lounge is to incorporate it into the sectional furniture. You may buy it as part of the sectional system, with the same upholstery and look as the rest of the furniture. And if you want to make “chaise lounging” a family affair, check out Pottery Barn’s “Pacific” three-piece sectional sofa, which is almost six feet deep. It looks like a sofa, but is as big as a bed, so be sure to measure your space before you try to fit it into your home. Now that’s adding interest!