Leaving her husband after 17 years of abuse two years ago was half the battle.

Moving on was the other half — but now a Calgary woman has been given the chance to run with the Olympic torch and share her successes with the city.

On Monday night, friends and staff of the YWCA will be cheering Danielle Kelly on as she takes the torch running as the RBC Olympic torchbearer with a “new lease on life.”

“I feel very honoured and privileged to have been chosen but I don’t feel different or more special than anyone else,” she said.

Celebrating YWCA’s 100th year during the run, Kelly said she hopes other women can also break free from their abusive relationships and move on with their lives.

“Life can go on in a positive way and there are people out there who can help,” she added.

RBC chose YWCA as its torchbearer and YWCA in turn chose Kelly, according to YWCA’s Arlene Adamson.

“Our clients’ personal stories … are about overcoming immense adversity and beating the odds,” she said.

“Like our athletes, their successes deserve to be brought to light.”