Sure, San Antonio was home to Texas' most famous defeat, but it also happens to be one of America's prettiest cities.

What to See

The Alamo
This former Catholic mission is a byword for either selfless heroism or stupidity, depending on your view. Either way, it’s hard not to be moved by the quiet dignity of the place which belies its bloody tale.


What to Hear

Remember the Alamo!
Basically, a lot of visitors have seen the 1960 John Wayne movie and if you hang around long enough, you are guaranteed to hear the time-honoured phrase.

What To Eat

Biga on the Banks
The best restaurant in San Antonio (at 203 S. St Marys) offers a combination of privacy and a vibrant atmosphere. The food is exceptional as are the matching wines that you can sample.

What to Drink

San Antonio has more than its fair share of microbreweries, meaning drinking beer here is as adventurous as drinking wine in Bordeau. The Blue Star Brewing Co. and the Freetail Brewing Company are great but, seriously, try as many as you can and trust your palate.

What To Wear

Cowboy boots
Yes, we know, but if you can’t wear them in this Texan heartland, where can you wear them? Don’t be tempted by the cowboy hat, though. You can only pull this off if you are a gen-u-ine cowboy. Or Madonna.

What To Do

The River Walk
This is the city’s famous centrepiece. A strange but effective inner city sanctuary following the bends of the San Antonio River. It’s a great way to see the place during the day and a cool place to chill at night.

What Not To Do

Diss the Yellow State Rose
Texans, even the most cultured San Antonians, are notoriously thin-skinned. It’s an almost sarcasm-free zone. Upbeat and positive are the key notes here.

What To Say

‘After you’
Good manners are a big deal here. Courteous behaviour will be as welcomed as discourteous behaviour will be sorely frowned upon.

What Not To Say

‘How about that Obama?’
Well, unless you are about to tear into him. More than anywhere else in the U.S., in any given situation in Texas you can pretty much assume the person you are talking to is a card-carrying Republican.

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