Event For far too long, the world of science has been considered off-limits to everyone lacking a white lab coat and a thick pair of spectacles.

But the nerdy need not be the only ones to enjoy the subject. “Everyone loves science at some level. It is just normally presented in an intimidating manner,” says Prof. R.J. Dwayne Miller from the University of Toronto. “We are born scientists. Kids are naturally curious and use the scientific method to try to understand the world around them.”

It’s a sad, but true state of affairs. Fortunately, Miller created a festival to bring his favourite subject to the masses. According to Miller, “Science Rendezvous makes science accessible. It gives people the chance to reconnect with their inherent curiosity.”

Saturday, 600-plus volunteers will be involved with more than 200 free events during the second annual Science Rendezvous. Universities and hospitals will offer guided tours and demonstrations of their state-of-the-art research labs. Coffee shops and pubs will host scientific discussion and lectures. Even shopping malls will offer interactive displays.

For 24 hours, the city will be alive with scientific discussion and debate. Some noble scientists will even step back into their youth for the Grown Up Science Fair at The Rivoli.

For more information, visit www.sciencerendezvo-us.ca.