The reopening of the Toronto Humane Society’s River Street shelter, scheduled for today under the terms of an April legal agreement, has been postponed by the new THS board of directors.

Marcie Laking, a board member, said “it would be irresponsible to open the shelter” before the new directors obtain detailed information about the organization’s finances and meet with executive director Garth Jerome. Laking also said renovations to the shelter are not finished and that the THS lacks accreditation from the College of Veterinarians of Ontario.

“The Toronto Humane Society gets one reopening, one chance to prove ourselves to the public to be a leader in animal welfare,” said Laking, a former THS animal care worker. “We’re not going to open the doors until we know that everything on our end is done so that the THS can function efficiently.”

Laking said the board has not yet decided when the shelter, closed since April 12, will reopen.

She said it would be better able to assess the state of the THS after discussions with Jerome scheduled for tomorrow. Torstar News Service