Each time they go to the mall with their four-year-old son, Kevin and Yuka Tang haul their Maclaren umbrella stroller from the trunk of their car.

But after the company announced a U.S. recall after its popular strollers were blamed for amputating the fingers of a dozen American children, the Tangs will be extra vigilant before placing their tyke in the seat.

“It’s shocking to hear about the recall,” Kevin said. “It shows you’ve got to be careful.”

Maclaren isn’t fixing all single and double strollers sold in the United States since 1999 — about a million units — but is sending buyers a “repair kit” — essentially sleeves to cover the exposed hinges, the company and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced yesterday, calling it a “voluntary recall.”

Although the strollers sold in Canada are identical to ones sold in the U.S., Health Canada has yet to extend the recall here. But worried parents who contact the Canadian distributor will get a repair kit sent to them.

Health Canada spokesperson Christelle Legault said if there is a reason for a recall, “Health Canada will work with the company to initiate appropriate corrective measures.”

Ontario-based Kushies Baby distributes Maclarens in Canada.

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